Animals are playable characters in, also they play a important role. As for now there are 31 kinds of animals. Together they form a food chain, where higher animals are able to eat smaller animals except for pelicans for seagulls. They are small and rectangular. You cant kill your own species except for the highest animals (They can hit their species Too!)

List of Animals Edit

Animal name Image Minimum XP Max XP Boosts Description
Fish Fish 0 4k 1 You swim faster when close to other fish! Stackable 5 times, up to 50% faster.
Worm Worm 0 4k 0 You can swim throught ground , and you are faster if you do that.
Blobfish Blobfish 0 4k 1 Lives in the deep sea , changes it looks when it isn't in the deep sea
Crab Crab 4k 11k 1 You can walk on islands! (when walking, use mouse click to jump). You can hide in arbusto
King Crab Kingcrab 4k 11k 1 It lives in the deep sea, and deals back some damage dealt to attacker.
Lamprey Lamprey 4k 11k 2 Attach onto other animals (Seagull and Above), to get a pert of the food it eats.
Jellyfish Jellyfish 11k 21k 1 You move with small bursts, and any animal that touches you gets poisoned.
Squid Squid 21k 39k 1 Don't get damaged for 3 seconds, then stay still to hide.
Seagull Seagull 39k 63k 2 You can fly, but have to breathe. You poop food that another animals except you can eat.
63k 93k 2 You can fly and need to breathe. You can't attack seagulls.
Ray Ray 63k 93k 2 Put your head against any ground to hide, you can now eat Flappy Ducks by boosting into the air.
Beaver Beaver 93k 129k 2 Beaver hides in beaver dams, also, don't forget to go up to breathe! you are very deadly when you group up.
Anglerfish Anglerfish 93k 129k 2 Must stay in the deep to survive. If it stays still it will go invisible and its light will look like the last thing it ate.
Sea Turtle Seaturtle 129k 171k 2 Sea Turtles have a shell that blocks 50% of incoming damage. Moves in small bursts.
Penguin Penguin 129k 171k 2 Penguin needs cold water to live, stay to the far left side of the map!
Octopus Octopus 129k 171k 2 Octopus transform into last animal it ate. Boosting creates an ink cloud to blind your chaser. You can also walk on islands.
Leopard Seal Leopardseal 171k 219k 2 You are as fast as a penguin, but deadlier.
Narwhal Narwhal 171k 219k 2 Narwhal stabs anything it hits. Hitting another animal will make it bleed and alert sharks to them
Dolphin Dolphin 171k 219k 2 Dolphins need to breathe air. Jump like a real dolphin for a speed hike. you also move faster that some animals.
Hammerhead Tshark 171k 219k 3 You can eat people! You cannot hide in anything.
Oarfish Oarfish 171k 219k 2 Oarfish lives in the deep sea (although it can survive in shallow water (for some time). Heals animals seagull and lower except Jellyfish.
Shark Shark 219k none 3 Shark breathes when moving, so don't stop too long. Click to charge and accelerate quickly. You can also smell nearby injured animals and which direction they are.
Killer Whale Killerwhale 219k none 3 If you hit someone while boosting, you'll grab him! Click again to release. You can also survive in the far left side of the map. You can't grab cachalots.
Whale Whale 219k none 3 Use your click to pull in other animals! Click again to release, also don't forget to breath! You can also survive in the far left side of the map. Unable to damage and immune to damage from animals smaller than beavers.
Cachalot Cachalot 219k none 3 Click to send out a wave that slows the movement of animals in the affected area. Works on every animals in the game. Like the whale, it's ability replaces boost.
Giant Squid Giantsquid 219k none 3 It lives in the deep sea. Despite it's rank and size, the pressure bar drains quickly. Boosting and hitting an animal grabs them, and increases movement speed while you have them in your grasp.
Polar Bear Polarbear 219k none 3 It lives in the arctic. Can shoot snow which stun players. Can also go trought ice. Like the cachalot and whale the ability replaces boost.
Whale Shark Whaleshark 219k none 4 It lives in the shallow waters. Can controll A.I which attacks players.
Marlin Marlin 219k none 2 When jumping in the waters gains a speed boost. It stabs anything it hits. Hitting another animal will make it bleed and alert sharks to them
Stonefish 219k none 3 Whoever touches you gets poisoned. Use your boost to leave back poisonous barbs. You can dive into soil.
219k none 3 Your attacks have no recoil. You heal three times faster on the surface.

Animal Evolution Tree Edit











SeagullRay - Pelican - Electric Eel

Pelican - Ray - Electric EelBeaver - Anglerfish

Anglerfish - Beaver - SnakeSea Turtle - Penguin - Octopus - Snapping Turtle


Snapping TurtleManatee

OarfishGiant Squid - Stonefish - Cachalot

Sea TurtleHammerhead

PenguinLeopard Seal - Narwhal - Dolphin

Leopard Seal →  Polar Bear - Whale

DolphinKiller Whale - Marlin - Sunfish

HammerheadShark - Whale Shark

ManateeCrocodile - Hippo - Bald Eagle

NarwhalWhale - Marlin

Killer Whale → none

Shark → none

Whale → none

Cachalot → none

Giant Squid → none

Marlin → none

Whale Shark → none

Stonefish → none

Sunfish → none

Crocodile → none

Hippo → none

Bald Eagle → none

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