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Bald Eagle can see animals who are over the water from far away. use your boost to dive at high speed

The Bald Eagle is a Brown and White "Bird" in It is a top tier animal in This animal is an top tier and evolves from Manatee. It can fly and walk on islands, Snake's used to attach and posion it, but now it cannot. , It is equivalent to Crocodile and Hippo.

Strategy Edit

As the Bald Eagle:

Go for Seagulls and Pelicans. They're your easiest source of food since they really can't fight back. Just beware of groups of birds and other top tiers.

Against the Bald Eagle:

If you're animal that can grab, like the Killer Whale, simply boost and grab it. If it doesn't escape (which it can) it will either die of lack of oxygen, or you will kill it.