Biomes are the different zones in There are currently four biomes in the game: Deep, Shallows, Arctic, and Swamp. 

Shallows Edit

The Shallows is where the majority of players roam. It is located in the middle/left/top section of the map and stretches farther than any other biome. Almost all animals can live in the Shallows, and if the player chose, all animals in their evolution tree could live in the Shallows.

Animals Edit

Fish, Worm, Crab, Lamprey, Jellyfish, Squid, Seagull, Ray, Pelican, Beaver, Sea Turtle, Octopus, Dolphin, Hammerhead, Shark, Whale, Orca, Cachalot, Whale Shark, Stonefish, Sunfish

Hiding Spots Edit





Beaver Dams

Deep Edit

The Deep is located in the large trench in the middle of the map. Some animals can live here, and if the player chose to, their evolution tree could include only one non-deep animal (Seagull).

Animals Edit


Hiding Spots Edit

Thermal Vents/Volcanoes

Pineapple House

Arctic Edit

The Arctic is located on the left/top of the map, past the end of the trench. Not many animals can live here. At most, only 7 animals in the player's chosen evolution tree can live in the Arctic and 3 will be non-arctic animals.

Animals Edit

Penguin, Whale, Killer Whale/Orca, Narwhal, Leopard seal, Lamprey, Worm, Jellyfish, Squid, Cachalot

Hiding Spots Edit

Thermal vents/Volcanoes


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