You are a deep sea creature, going up does strange things to your body

The Blobfish is the first animal in It evolves to the Crab or King Crab. It is the equivalent of the Fish and the Worm. It lives in the Deep and it has only has one boost, like most other low-tier animals. When it is not in the Deep it changes its look to a more pinkish version where it resembles popular photos of the media more. This is an in-game simulated effect of the lack of pressure altering the physical appearance of the animal.

Strategy Edit

The blobfish is a starter animal, with low HP, attack damage and no special ability. This means that it is on the bottom of the food chain and should not try to venture out into the open at all costs.

The blobfish lives in the deep sea, and, unlike some creatures, can not live in any other areas. This, along with its weakness, makes it restricted to feeding on the yellow algae on the sea floor, where it has full protection of the thermal vents.

Blobfish can see relatively far in the Deep, use this to your advantage. Many other creatures like Jellyfish and Squids are unable to see this far, which means that in many cases, you can see them before they can see you. However, swim, or sometimes even boost away to safety when seeing other creatures, as any creature is able to easily kill you, except for the Worm. If bottomfeeding, one can use the strategy of looking at the yellow (never-fading-into-darkness) algae and, if the dots are disappearing, judge that there is another, likely stronger, animal there.

Thermal vents (and the mysterious Pineapple House) are crucial to the survival of the blobfish. If King Crabs or higher deep sea animals are near, try boosting into the nearest vent, except when one of the animals is low health. Do not consider this with multiple animals or Jellyfish however, as they will both kill you.

Going to non-deep waters will slowly kill you, but you will look different, so it's perfect for die-hard stylists.


Stats Edit

Blobfish Stats
Speed: 100%
Health multiplier: 2.0 (total : 200)
Damage multiplier 1.0 (total : 20)
Damage block 0%
Armor penetration 0%
Boosts 1
Oxygen time 20 seconds
Temperature time 10 seconds
Pressure time 5 seconds


  • It was added on 02-13-2017.

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