You can walk on islands! (when walking, use mouse click to jump)

The Crab is a red "Fish" in It is the only tier two animal that can dwell on islands safely, and can breath in both air and water.

Appearance Edit

The Crab is a reddish-pinkish rectangle, with two little 'legs' on each of the bottom corners. It has two tiny, black eyes that barely pop out of its head, has a 'sad' mouth, made up of the outline of an oval and a slit in the middle, and two dark pincers.

Strategy Edit

For The Crab: Edit

  • When there is danger dwelling in the water, hide in an Anemone, a Shipwreck, or jump up onto an island. If a Seagull, Pelican or a Snake tries to attack you, stay still while touching an Arbusto, or, in other words, a bush to hide in it.

Stick to feeding on Dam Food, Green Pellets and Fruit, and don't try to attack other animals, since they will be stronger than you, except for the Fish.

Against The Crab: Edit

The Crab is quite weak, so all you have to do is attack it a few times and it'll be dead. However, make sure it can't go off to a bush, Shipwreck or an Anemone to hide in. Make sure you have a boost to catch up to it just in case.

If you are a Pelican, however, you can dive for it while it is in the water and 'swallow' it like that ability of a Whale when sucking up Squids and Seagulls. You can 'free' it by going on land and then attack it while it's still in shock.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only animal to be able to breath both in and out of the water

Gallery Edit

Crab Stats
Speed: 10000000000|
Health multiplier: 9.9(total: 100000)
Damage multiplier 100.100(total:100000000000000000000000000000000)
Damage block 100|
Armor penetration 1000000000
Boosts 2
Oxygen time N/A
Temperature time
Pressure time
Salinity time {{{SALINITYTIME}}}


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