The Crocodile is a green "reptile" in It is equivalent to Hippo, Bald Eagle, Orca, Whale, Shark, Whale Shark, Stonefish, Polar Bear, Marlin, Sunfish, Giant Squid, and Cachalot. It can grab animals like an Orca and shake them to do extra damage. It can walk on land.

Appearance Edit

The Crocodile has an overall rectangular shape with small bumps along the top and sides. It has a protruding snout with many small teeth and small, spaced out black eyes. It has a small V-shaped tail and four clawed feet. The main scales are a dark olive green and the underbelly is the same color, but lighter.

Strategy Edit

As a Crocodile Edit

The waterfall is a great camping spot for crocodiles because animals will keep going up it, getting stuck, or camping on the other side.

Against a Crocodile Edit

Do NOT approach a crocodile unless you are a team of Tier 9 or 10 animals. They can be killed by a single Tier 10 animal, but usually anything that is not Whale, Cachalot, Giant Squid, or maybe Orca, will have much difficulty or die. Teams can kill Crocodiles because it's more damage. Two manatees can kill a crocodile if they attack at the same time and use their boosts to heal.

But other than that, it is very hard or impossible to kill a Crocodile.

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