Flappy Duck是用於射線及以上的食物。他們不動,他們沒有健康。每當玩家在4秒鐘內多吃一次以上時,他們會發現一個笨蛋組合,比只有一個更好。

They are very common, and appear in lines up to 20, making large combos easy to get. They might be a reference to the flappy bird game.

Pelicans cannot eat Flappy Ducks.

Food Navigation Edit

Green Pellet Damfood Algae Birdpoop Fruit Apple Flappyduck Meat Man

Yellow pellet Blue pellet Lavabubble Pollock Meat

Yellow pellet Blue pellet Lavabubble Meat


  • Flappy Duck Asset
  • Flappy Duck in the game

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