Frog can jump higher than most Animals

The Frog is a Light Green "Amphibian"in It is the 3rd tier animal in This animal evolves from Crab, Kingcrab and Lamprey and evolves into Squid. It can walk on islands and hop high, It is equivalent to Jellyfish.

Appearance Edit

The Frog is rectangle-shaped as all animals are. Its main color is a light green and the underside is colored a very pale green, almost white. It is similar to the crab in that its large eyes are on the top of its head and its front legs reach upwards. Its back legs are curved and are the same color as the underside with green feet.

Strategy Edit

As a Frog Edit

The best strategy as a Frog is to stay in the swamp and bottomfeed, hiding in logs and boosting to get away, fleeing to the islands if absolutely necessary.

Against a Frog Edit

Frogs have very little health and can be easily chased down by Jellyfish and above. If you are Tier 2 or below, you should flee to a different biome if you can or hide in volcanoes, tree stumps, or anemones.

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