Manatee increases HP regen of all nearby Swamp animals, Use your boost to heal 50% of your max life

The Manatee is a brown "Mammal" in It is a tier 9 animal in This animal is an tier 9 and evolves from Snapping Turtle. It can use its boost to heal 50% of its health at most. It is equivalent to Oarfish, Hammerhead, Dolphin, Narwhal, and Leopard Seal. It evolves from Snapping Turtle and evolves into Bald Eagle, Crocodile, or Hippo.

Appearance Edit

The Manatee is brown and has the rounded rectangular shape of many other animals. It has a lighter brown underside. It has a small, U-shaped tail and two oval-shaped fins. It has an almost circular nose/mouth with small light dots. It has darker brown spots speckled around the edge of its body and two small, black eyes.

Strategy Edit

As a Manatee Edit

You can attack things if they come for you, even top tier animals, such as crocodiles. This can give you a lot of meat, maybe enough to evolve, but the Manatee is slow, so it is recommended that you eat algae instead of chasing other animals. If a team of top animals attacks you, try to get just out of their attacking range and get as much plankton and algae as you can to keep your boosts up and be able to heal whenever they damage you until they give up, they die, you escape, or you evolve.

Against a Manatee Edit

As an animal the Manatee can kill, it is easy to run away if you can boost. If you can survive in a biome the Manatee cannot, you should try to reach that area. Teams of top tier animals (usually crocodiles, but hippos can do it too as well as other top tier animals that find a Manatee) can kill a Manatee and it is good food as well as the fact that the Manatee has no boost and makes your health regenerate faster.

One animal should not try to kill a Manatee. They can easily boost to recover health and can kill you.

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