Pearl Defensef

is a new game mode introduced on May 10, 2017. It has two teams, Red and Green (abbreviated to RED and GRE in-game) pit against each other, trying to capture each other's pearl. It works like Capture the Flag, except you don't downgrade when you die, and Remoras are defending the pearl (the pearl also has an armor) This sucks Dick!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! From M/Michael

Joining Pearl Defense Edit

When you get to, on the top there is a box that says " Pearl Defense". Click it to take you to a page where you can choose a server and write your creative name. When you're ready, press play. The game takes 20 players to play, so you will have to wait until there are 20 people. You can see which team you are in, and you can chat with other people. When there are 20 people, you will enter the game and choose your first animal you want to be.

Game Summary Edit

When you die, you will respawn as the same animal on the top of your side. You will not downgrade or lose XP, so you don't have to be afraid of fighting other players. The main goal in the game is to attack, but beware, If your pearl's armor is broken, then you'll have to have as least 1 high player stay back and guard because when the armor is broken, remoras won't spawn anymore. If not, a seagull or an Eagle can just swoop down, get the pearl, and fly away with it to the other side.

Winning Edit

In this game mode, you win when you have successfully brought the other team's pearl to your side. You will need to put the opponent's pearl in front of your team's goal. When you've done this, the game ends automatically.

Trivia Edit

  • As of now, the only top-tier animal not in this gamemode is Giant Squid[1]
  • Also, some of the deep animals can't be used, for example, Blobfish, Kingcrab,fish. This may be changed. Also, Narwhal and Leopard Seal are banned from this. Leapord Seal is banned from Pearl Defense maybe because the creator didn't want pearl defense games to end early by Leapord Seals stealing the pearl and speeding through their lane very FAST.
  • XP gain is drastically increased