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Level up to multipily. use your boost to go faster

The Piranha is an olive "Fish" in It is one of the first tier animals in, and thrives in the murky Swamp. It also has the ability to multiply, a skill that no other animal has been equipped with.

Appearance Edit

Like most animals, the Piranha's body is supported from a curved rectangle, with a tail fin sticking out of the center of the bottom. It is an olive brown, with a shade of orange for the belly. At the side of the stomach, two weak fins stick out. It has oval eyes, outlined by a thin white, and has a semi circled mouth, lined with sharp, pointed teeth.

Strategy Edit

For The Piranha: Edit

Stick to the Green Pellets and the Algae at first, don't try to attack anyone- gain a few Piranhas before battling other players for safety.

When choosing your 'prey', make sure it is a lower level than you, has fewer Piranhas than you, or is wounded. The whole bunch would be ideal and easy prey. If you see any animals stronger/ more Piranhas that are not wounded coming in your direction, run or go up to the surface and jump to escape- that is, if you have a boost.

Against The Piranha: Edit

If you are an animal that a crowd of Piranhas prey on (one Piranha/animal lower than a Lamprey), run, jump out of the water or flee to a Volcano.

If you want to eat a Piranha, it be good if it was weakened, or it has fewer Piranhas than you (if you're a Piranha, that is). Remember, groups of Piranhas lower than three can still hide, but more than three can't. Try, if you are strong enough, to kill of Piranhas more than three so they can't hide, and make sure they can't reach the surface so they can't jump away.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only animal to be able to multiply itself
  • It is the only animal (that's not a top tier animal) that can kill it's own species
  • You can't start off as a Piranha in the Pearl Defense Gamemode (currently)

Gallery Edit

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