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Shark breathes when moving, so don't stop for too long

Shark is a 10th tier animal in It can charge forwards quickly, and smell blood. It is equivalent to the Orca, Whale, the Cachalot, the Giant Squid, the Polar Bear, the Marlin and the Whale Shark. It lives in shallow waters. When a killer whale grabs it, it will lose all of it's oxygen.

Strategy Edit

The Shark has a charge ability, allowing it to swim distances at high speeds. You can use it against your prey, and another top tier animals. However, you turn very slowly while charging, which can making catching prey difficult. You should avoid any Giant Squid. Be careful when you attack Orcas, because they can grab you. When they grab you, you will lose all of your oxygen since you stop moving.

Against a SharkEdit

The Shark deals large amounts of damage, so for the most part, try to steer clear. However, there are a few ways to get around the Shark.

If you're an Orca, just charge into the Shark. It instantly loses all its oxygen, and begins losing health.

As a Giant Squid, attempt to snag the Shark, and drag it down into the abyss. The Shark should begin to suffer from pressure damage.

Otherwise, try to avoid the Shark because it's good

Trivia Edit

  • It used to upgrade to the Orca, but now both animals are the same tier.
  • It was added when was released.


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Stats Edit

Shark Stats
Speed: 100%
Health multiplier: 9.0 (Total : 900)
Damage multiplier 9.0 (Total : 180)
Damage block 0%
Armor penetration 0%
Boosts 3
Oxygen time 15 seconds
Temperature time 10 seconds
Pressure time 5 seconds
Salinity time {{{SALINITYTIME}}}

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