There are 10 Tiers.

Tier 1: Edit

Tier 1 has: Fish/Blobfish/Worm

Tier 2: Edit

Tier 2 has: Crab/King Crab/Lamprey

Tier 3: Edit

Tier 3 has: Jellyfish

Tier 4: Edit

Tier 4 has: Squid

Tier 5: Edit

Tier 5 has: Seagull

Tier 6: Edit

Tier 6 has: Ray/Pelican

Tier 7: Edit

Tier 7 has: Beaver/Anglerfish

Tier 8: Edit

Tier 8 has: Sea Turtle/Penguin/Octopus

Tier 9: Edit

Tier 9 has: Hammerhead/Leopard Seal/Dolphin/Narwhal/Oarfish

Tier 10: Edit

Tier 10 has: Shark/Orca/Whale/Cachalot/Giant Squid/Polar Bear/Whale Shark/Marlin

Trivia Edit

  • 8 Tiers have been added on Nov 5th
  • 1 Tier has been added on Nov 24th
  • 2 Tiers have been added on Dec 12th
  • 1 Tier has been added on Jan 17th
  • 1 Tier has been added on Jan 18th
  • 3 Tiers have been removed on Feb 1st
  • 1 Tier has been added on Feb 28th
  • 1 Tier has been removed on March 2nd

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