Use you click to activate your skill! Click again to release. Whale gains attack damage when Orcas are near.

The Whale is the one of apexs (Tier 10's) in it evolves from Leopard Seal. it has the ability to pull animals and food toward it and has 3 boosts. Rays and below will be absorbed into the whale, while Beavers and above would be sucked toward the Whale, letting the Whale continuously hit the victim without moving or chasing it. It can go to the arctic side, but it cannot eat the Pollocks in the arctic. Once the whale go up for air, they would automatically release the animals sucked in. It is equivalent to Shark, Killer Whale, Cachalot, Giant squid, Polar Bear, Whale Shark and Marlin.

Appearance Edit

It is mostly grey and has a white belly and mouth. More simply, it looks like a humpback whale.

Against The Whale Edit

If you're anything below a Seagull, the Whale cannot hurt you, it just keeps you from feeding. But if you're a seagull and you see a Whale, fly up and away as fast as you can, although boosts aren't necessary unless the whale is pulling you toward it. Beavers cannot be affected if they stay in a beaver dam, as nothing can harm a hiding animal. Anything above a ray, boosts as soon as you see a Whale coming for you, and if you're pulled in, boost when the whale just hit you and you were pushed away from it. This allows you to escape, if you didn't do it at the right time, the Whale would just continue sucking you toward it. As a Penguin, try to stay as far away as possible.

Stats Edit

Whale Stats
Speed: 100%
Health multiplier: 15.0 (Total 1500)
Damage multiplier 6.0 (Total : 120)
Damage block none
Armor penetration none
Boosts 3
Oxygen time 60 seconds
Temperature time none
Pressure time 10 seconds
Salinity time {{{SALINITYTIME}}}

Trivia Edit

  • It was added on 12-12-2016
  • When it was added, you had to be it as the last animal.

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